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School Management

E-Campus system is used to save all the hassles of education community their performances. Obviously this is a web based application that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It manages all elements of an education institution and viz., all stake holders (pupil, parents, staff, management) and is simple user friendly and efficient tool for enhancing performance and productivity of any education institution.



Developed to be a robust and scalable solution which meets the expectations suitable for a newly setup institution as well as for an established university with multiple thousand students.


A very flexible solution which provides for smooth configuration and customization, based on the customers requirement or to suit their existing process.

Analytics / Reporting:

Better analytics mean better decisions. It puts the powers of actionable information in your hands. Our intelligent solution offers a full range of reports that can revolutionize the way that you manage operations and develop institutional strategy.

Amazing Support:

Our top quality support program helps customers to resolve and kind of issues / queries with expediency. We have a dedicated team of support personnel who make post-sales support our core strength.


A complete decision support system for the management with multiple report generation capability.


Integrated structure which reduces data redundancy, and ensures process standardization.


Extremely simple and attractive user interference, enriched with modern and easy-to-use GUI components.


Highest security at user Level, Module Level, Form Level& Database Level.


Single- click interface that provides overview of all the departments in campus, Paperless and saves time and money.

Compatibility and Cloud Enabled:

Compatible with any device and choice of server hosting on cloud.